1. Anthony Richichi says:

    hello! my name is Anthony. i have some questions to ask you about the zap cane. im on the internet looking for some protection becouse im disable i have a bad leg so i do walk with a cane.i live in Brooklyn New york and every day that goes by its just getting bad to walk around. people just get robed and hurt all the time. im looking for non lethal weapons to carrie around to defend myself coming and going to work or even going to the store. so far i bought Sabre red pepper spray the big can.its made in america(and i like that its made in America). Now im looking for more self defense like a taser. so i googled tasers and i came across these zap canes.(this is where my questions come in) is your zap cane made in the United States of America? this is very important to know.i will not buy this product if its made in china or anywhere esle like china.second question.im on Amazon about to buy the zap cane.is there a difference between the zap cane on Amazom and the one ur selling on your online store? i had bought amazon electronics before and some of the electronics are really built like crap becouse there made in china.so before i hit buy on amazon i went on youtube just to see what this cane was about.i watch some videos and i came across your video and now im writing you this letter hopeing this cane is reliable just in case im in danger it works like its suppose to.if your zap kane is different i would ratter buy from your store and build a customer ,seller relationship.please write back thank you very much!

    • Anthony,

      Thank you very much for your e-mail. For starters, Stun guns are illegal in New York so I am fairly certain Amazon will not be able to sell you the Zap Cane. Next, I am no longer selling my products on my site. Because you live in NY I could not have sold to either. I am only selling in large quantities to major retailers. A business decision I had to make. As far as the Zap Cane, we do manufacturer the product in China. We hold the patents on all of our ZAP products. What that means for our customers is that we only sell the very best stun guns and pepper spray and we stand behind all of our products. There is a lot of false voltage claims with a number of products that you should stay away from. I am sorry that I could not be of more assistance with your search to protect yourself. Kindest Regards

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