This blog is a tribute to my customers, who have become my new friends.  They have helped pull me through some of the headaches of starting a new business.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with crabby support people getting things set-up.  My site crashed for (2) days.   My credit card was declined interrupting my AdWords campaign.  To top things off, I spilled coffee on my keyboard.  Trust me, I am not complaining.  However, I do have many days that I ask myself, “what the hell am I doing?”

I did one thing right, for certain. And that was put my direct phone line on the website.  I was worried I might get calls in the middle of the night asking me if lipstick pepper spray came in fuchsia.  But the phone calls have been the best thing to happen.

One month into my new business adventure,  and I am proud to say I am making new friends with my customers across the country.  They are eager to help me and offer advice.

Here are a few examples.

Melva from California loves her new Zap Cane.

She had this to say, “If I were marketing this product I would also pitch it as a good gift for a parent or elderly relative, for Hanukkah/Chanukah and Christmas, plus birthdays and Mothers & Fathers day.”

She said I could do a separate video for hikers on the wilderness trails to deter wild animals, even snakes.  She closed by saying, “It was great speaking with you…I wish you much success.  and it’s nice to know someone is proactive in customer service these days”.


My new old-timer buddy Bob from Tennessee ordered a ZAP CANE STUN GUN and literally calls me daily to discuss product enhancements and new products ideas.  Don’t mess with Bob, he is trying to add a knife to the end of the cane.  I guess 1 million volts is not enough power for him!  I truly think he just likes to talk with me, but that’s o.k.  For my time &  efforts, Bob sold (5) more ZAP CANE’S to his poker buddies!  A LITTLE SHOUT OUT TO BOB FROM TENNESSEE! 

At the end of the day I am thankful for all the feedback I get on a daily basis from my new friends spread out all over the country.  Once again I am glad my direct line is on my site.  The calls from customers put a human element to an e-commerce business.

I want to thank all my well wishers, Facebook Fans, Twitter followers, as well as my new friends.  Keep the calls and e-mails coming!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

P.S. Everyone needs a Zap Cane.


Welcome to the first blog of my new adventure, Security| Products| America.  After many nights (or years for that matter) of twiddling my thumbs, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and move forward with a plan to work with my dad.

Yep, that’s right, I decided to work with a family member!   For starters,  when I say my dad is extremely old-fashioned, check this out.

  • E-mail….He says, “why bother when I have a fax machine”.
  • Excel spreadsheet….”why bother when I have an endless supply of paper to write on”.
  • Contracts…He says, “why bother, when I shake a man’s hand and give him my word that is my contract”.

To most of you paranoid litigious people out there this may sound crazy.  However, what I have learned over the years about my dad’s so-called “crazy” philosophies made me wish we still lived in a society where a simple handshake and your word actually meant something.

I have talked to a handful of my dad’s friends over the last few weeks, (By the way, all of the people my dad has done business with over the years are all considered close friends) and what I learned about my dad was simply amazing.  The old guy from New York told me, “I have been working with your father for 25 years.  He is like a son to me. To this day, the only contract we have is a handshake”.  An associate from Arkansas told me, “heck, your daddy is like a father to me.  He’s a pain in the ass because he faxes me invoices and orders that are hand written on legal paper, but let me tell you something, they don’t make ’em like your daddy anymore.  There isn’t anybody out there that I trust more than your daddy”.

I guess being old fashion and true to your word really means something.  For me, what I continue to learn about my dad and how he has conducted business over the years sealed the deal.  Like my dad always says, “dive deep and come out dry”.  Wish me luck!

I would love to hear feedback on our new business website.  When you get a chance, check it out!

PS: If you happen to do business with us, don’t worry! I’m in charge of the computer stuff and I promise not to fax you anything.